Are you ready to stop wondering and start growing your business?

33% of the US workforce is currently freelancing and this will grow to 43% by 2020

Are you tired of trying to decide if you should go into a consulting, coaching or offering professionals services practice, where to start, how to position myself, how to convert the inevitable coffee conversations into customers?

You are not alone. A lot of people end up frustrated because they don’t have a structured method or they’re using methods that just don’t cut it.

You may have drunk more coffee than you thought was possible and networked like crazy with my past colleagues and contacts.

Or maybe you have spread the word through those around you that you were on the market and that I could help with any number of things.

Unfortunately, these solutions haven’t worked that well and ended up leaving you without a real and lasting solution. I was in the exact same boat when I first left the corporate world and started my own business.  I didn’t know where to start

But Now, There’s an Answer that can fix that.

I have continued to refine the process and cracked the code to

  • Identify the ideal customer
  • Understanding what needs and desires they have
  • Developing high-value packages for the customers that add value to their businesses
  • Finding and communicating customers where they are and in a way that ‘speaks their language’
  • Nurture customers through the purchase process
  • Conversations that convert leads to happy paying customers

If you master these skills then you too can build a business that is stable, predictable and growing
Over the past three years, I’ve been helping businesses to grow, find, acquire and grow their customer base and revenue with profitable customers.

A powerful new course that can help you to build a sustainable consulting business without all the headaches.

Here are just a few things the training will help you with

1) Built from the ground up specifically for consultants, coaches and service professionals, which is good because focuses on the unique steps and processes that consultants, coaches and service professionals need to be successful.

2) Takes all of the lessons I have learnt and those of other successful consultants which is a big help because you will not only have access to all of the things have worked for me but all the scars and missteps so you can avoid the same mistakes.

3) The exact pricing strategies I use, which is powerful because you can command high-value rates.

4) Is laid out in a step by step process: giving you a structured way to build your positioning, brand and winning your first customer.

First things first:

Step one is to watch this free training I’ve prepared to show you the simple 4 step process to grow your business.

Watch The Video

Step two is to check out some of the resources below

Here’s some to get you started: