Are you ready to start growing your practice?

If you are like most accountants you have been working in your business for a while, have attracted a group of great customers from your wider network and business was pretty good for a while. Then it wasn’t.

You’re an expert in your field, 3-4 years at university, a practical experience programme, pass the chartered accountants program, and then 20 hours of CPD hours each year. Being an expert was all it took, until it wasn’t enough

Cloud services came along like Xero MYOB essentials, and they made your job, and your customers job so much simpler. It was a great transformation until it wasn’t. It has meant that your services are starting to be commodised, GST at the push of a button and customers aren’t locked in anymore as they can take their Xero account and history to any other provider.

So then you realised that you need to grow your business, but you haven’t really had an effective or sustained sales and marketing campaign (marketing’s just a cost right?). You might have dabbled in a bit of marketing, a networking event here, a networking event there, the odd blog post. But you haven’t developed a system of generating sustained qualified leads and that turn into high value customers.

Having a successful accounting practice is a lot more than just being an expert at what you do You have to find and convince customers that you’re the best, most trustworthy accountant that can add significant value to their business and their lives.

I would go as far to say that to be successful you need to change your mindset of what your role truly is. From focusing on being an expert to someone who can generate new high value customers for your business.

and that’s a subtle shift but a very big one for your business.

I learnt this the hard way……

When I was a year into my consultancy practice I had the maximum amount of clients I could handle and still deliver great results for and I changed my focus to be 100% on delivery. That worked for a few months but then as my projects finished I hand not been filling my pipeline as I was to busy focusing on delivery and I went from hero to zero. That is the day I realised my primary role was to identify customer opportunities and my secondary job was to meet and exceed my customers needs.

From then on I have taken everything I have learnt from 20 years as a CA and 10 years in marketing and strategy at some of the country’s biggest brands to build systems and processes to ensure that I am constantly and consistently have having conversations with potential customers.

I have continued to refine the process and cracked the code to

  • Identify the ideal customer
  • Understanding what needs and desires they have
  • Developing high value packages for the customers that add value to their businesses
  • Finding and communicating customers where they are and in a way that ‘speaks their language’
  • Nurture customers through the purchase process
  • Conversations that convert leads to happy paying customers

If you master these skills then you too can build a business that is stable, predictable and growing
Over the past three years I’ve been helping businesses grow find, acquire and grow their customer base and revenue with profitable customers.

So if you’re looking for practical advice that you can actually implement can actually help you grow your business then you’re in the right place.

First things first:

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