Stop wondering if you can make it as a consultant or coach and start growing your business.


33% of the U.S. workforce is currently freelancing and this will grow to 43% by 2020.

Are you tired of trying to decide if you should go into consulting or coaching?

Or tired of trying to figure out where to start?

Can’t crack the code of how to convert the coffee conversations into paying customers?

Or even how much to charge?

It’s ok, you aren’t alone.

You may have drunk more coffee than you thought was possible and networked like crazy. What seemed like great conversations actually offered little or no reward.

Or you thought spreading the word that you were in the market would get the phone to ring?

Maybe you have struck it lucky with your first customer, but have no idea where your next customer is coming from.

A lot of people think consulting should be easy, but they end up being frustrated. They don’t have a proven process to build a sustainable business. And without the right tools, they continue to try the same methods that just don’t cut it.

I was in the same boat when I first left the corporate world and started my own consulting business. Meanwhile, I also made all these classic mistakes.

  • I treated every meeting as if I was applying for a job. I would talk to my client about my broad and general skills or my leadership ability. Not realising what they needed to hear was the specific problems I could help them solve.
  • I thought I would see more opportunities if I cast the net wide. Little did I know that this increases the competition, drives down my market rate, and actually limits my opportunities.
  • I focused on me, what I wanted, and what I was looking for. It took me too long to realise it’s about them and how I can serve them, as well as help solve their problems and pain.
  • I didn’t have a plan let alone a sales process going into meetings. I didn’t focus on what outcome I wanted, and I would leave without a clear commitment or next step.
  • When asked my rates, I would undercut them and almost apologize when I mumbled the answer to the client.
  • When I did finally get my first consulting role, I put 100% of my effort into delivery. I didn’t have a process for continuing to develop my pipeline. That meant I was back to square one when I successfully completed the project.

This made me realise two things. Firstly that I wasn’t really consulting; I was simply trading time for cash and I didn’t know how to scale and grow my business. And secondly that I needed to change my mindset and build my confidence.

But I had to go through that journey to understand what not to do. Starting from ground zero, I was able to build a process that could fix all these issues. Over the past few years, I have refined the process and cracked the code to consulting freedom.  I can now:

  • Identify my ideal customer
  • Understand their needs and desires
  • Develop high-value packages for the customers that add value to their businesses
  • Find and communicate with customers in a way that ‘speaks their language’
  • Manage my pipeline and nurture customers from prospect to paying customers
  • Execute a sales process that converts conversations to happy paying customers
  • Scale and grow

When you master these skills, you can build a business that is not only predictable but also scalable.

This powerful new course gives you the shortcut to building a consulting business without all the headaches.  It will:

  • Show you how to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as an expert.
  • Show you the exact pricing strategies I use, to enable you to command high-value rates.
  • Built your skills from the ground up, focusing on the unique steps that consultants and coaches need to be successful.
  • Demonstrate how to avoid the common missteps and scars (did you mean scars?) most consultants make.

Everything is laid out in a step-by-step process, giving you a structured way to get from idea to winning your first customer. And from your first customer to scaling your business.

First things first:

Step one Click the link below and learn more about Consulting Freedom

Consulting Freedom

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